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Corso di Inglese Beginners

Indice delle Unità

Unit 2 - Jonathan's Hobbies


Jonathan is from England.


He is twenty five years old.


He lives in the centre of London with his girlfriend Melissa.


They have one dog called Randal and a cat called Martha.


Jonathan listens to Pop Music and likes to travel to different parts of the world.


At the weekend he visits his family and friends.


He likes football a lot and often he goes to watch his favourite team "Chelsea" at the stadium.


His girlfriend hates soccer.


Jonathan always takes his girlfriend out to Italian and Spanish restaurants.


His favourite Italian dish is Lasagna and Paella is his preferred Spanish Dish.



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- Reading Comprehension

- Vocabulary Check




- Presente Semplice: formazione e uso (apre una nuova finestra)

- Presente Semplice: negativa e interrogativa (apre una nuova finestra)

- Numeri e Date (apre una nuova finestra)

- Plurale Regolare dei Sostantivi (apre una nuova finestra)

- Plurale Irregolare dei Sostantivi (apre una nuova finestra)

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