Unit 3 - Vocabulary Check

Riempi gli spazi vuoti con la parola giusta tra quelle proposte qui in basso, poi clicca su "Controlla" per verificare le tue risposte
   am      cake      coming      dessert      dinner      doing      I      icecream      later      lunch      making      oven      studying      what      writing   
Joanna: Hi mom , are you ?
Molly: am cooking dinner.
Joanna: Oh okay, what’s for mom?
Molly: Roasted lamb. I putting the lamb in the , right now.
Joanna: That sounds delicious mom, what are you for dessert?
Molly: Well for we can have chocolate and a piece of chocolate . What time are you home?
Joanna: At 9.30 pm mom, I am hard for a history test I have tomorrow.
Molly: Are you the test in the morning or the afternoon?
Joanna: In the afternoon mom, so don’t make for me tomorrow.
Molly: Okay, see you .
Joanna: Bye mom.