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Corso di Inglese Beginners

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Unit 3 - What's for dinner?

Chocolate Cake

Joanna: Hi mom, what are you doing?


Molly: I am cooking dinner.


Joanna: Oh okay, what’s for dinner, mom?


Molly: Roasted lamb. I am putting the lamb in the oven, right now.


Joanna: That sounds delicious mom, what are you making for dessert?


Molly: Well for dessert we can have chocolate ice cream and a piece of chocolate cake. What time are you coming home?


Joanna: At 9.30 pm mom, I am studying hard for a history test I have tomorrow.


Molly: Are you writing the test in the morning or the afternoon?


Joanna: In the afternoon mom, so don’t make lunch for me tomorrow.


Molly: Okay, see you later.


Joanna: Bye mom.



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- Reading Comprehension

- Vocabulary Check




- Presente Progressivo: formazione e uso (apre una nuova finestra)

- Presente Progressivo: negativa e interrogativa (apre una nuova finestra)

- Presente Semplice o Progressivo (apre una nuova finestra)

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