Unit 7 - Vocabulary Check

Riempi gli spazi vuoti con la parola mancante tra quelle proposte, poi clicca su "Controlla" per verificare le tue risposte
   acquaduct      between      festival      fireworks      kilograms      people      siren      streets      town      water   
La Tomatina is a that happens every year in August in a small in eastern Spain called Bunol. The tomatoe throwing lasts for about two hours.

It takes place on the last Wednesday in August usually 11 am and 2 pm. The tomatoe throwing takes place on the of Plaza del Pueblo.

Approximately 125,000 of tomatoes are used during the event. In a short period the streets are filled with thousands of all ready to splatter each other with thousands of tomatoes.

A signals the end of the event and immediately after the streets are cleaned using that is pumped from a Roman , and by the end of the day the streets are completely clean.The festival also includes , music, dancing and of course a lot of paella.