Unit 8 - Vocabulary Check

Riempi gli spazi vuoti con le parole mancanti elencate qui in basso.
   are      did      doing      going      know      leave      planning      sounds      stayed      think      wants      will   
Jill : Hey Jane, what are you for Easter?

Jane:I’m not sure but my boyfriend to go to Paris for 4 days.

Jill: Paris, wow, that really nice, when do think you’ll ?

Jane: We are to leave London on the first of April.

Jill: Have you booked your plane ticket and hotel yet?

Jane: No not yet, I’m to do it tonight, I Bill wants to be with me to help me choose the right hotel. Where you going for Easter?

Jill: I don’t but I not stay at home. Last Easter I at home and nothing for 4 days.