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Corso di Inglese Beginners

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Unit 8 - Where will you go these holidays?

Notre Dame

Jill : Hey Jane, what are you doing for Easter?


Jane: I’m not sure but my boyfriend wants to go to Paris for 4 days.


Jill: Paris, wow, that sounds really nice, when do you think you’ll leave?


Jane: We are planning to leave London on the first of April.


Jill: Have you booked your plane ticket and hotel yet?


Jane: No not yet, I’m going to do it tonight, I think Bill wants to be with me to help me choose the right hotel. Where are you going for Easter?


 Jill: I don’t know but I will not stay at home. Last Easter I stayed at home and did nothing for 4 days.


Jane: Why don’t you try and find holiday offers online, you really end up saving quite a lot.


Jill : Yes you're right, I’ll look at what I can find online tonight.


Jane: Last Easter I went to Berlin, it was very interesting and it didn't cost too much either.


Jill: Really, how much did it cost?


Jane: It cost me about 200 euros for 4 days.


Jill: That sounds like a very good deal, I will definitely look at what I can find tonight. Thanks for your advice Jane, see you later.


Jane: Bye Jill, have a nice day.



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