di Antonio Portaluri e Raffaele Nardella

Test Modulo 1 - Units 1 - 2

Test sulle UnitÓ 1 e 2 del Modulo 1 del Corso.


Clicca sulle risposte corrette e poi su "Invia".


E' necessario rispondere a tutti i quesiti e inserire il proprio nome nel box presente in fondo alla pagina.

Una volta cliccato "Invia" si aprirÓ un riquadro con il risultato; dopo aver cliccato "OK" si aprirÓ una finestra di popup con le indicazioni del nome, del risultato e delle eventuali risposte sbagliate.


Attenzione! Hai 40 minuti di tempo per svolgere il test.

1 Check-in
the first place where you queue up at the airport
the place where a police officer checks your documents
the place where you collect your luggage

2 Stewardess
a person who flies the plane and gives passengers information about altitude and weather
a member of the crew who serves drinks or snacks during the flight
a travel agent who waits for you just outside the terminal building

3 Hand luggage
the baggage you leave at the check-in desk
the baggage you take with you on the plane
the bags you find under your seat on the plane

4 Overhead locker
the baggage you leave at the check-in desk
a personal bag with a lock that you take with you on the plane
the place where you put your bag during the flight

5 Customs
place where you may have your luggage checked
place where you can buy local products
a shop in the airport where you can buy clothes

6 You can find trolleys
only at Domestic Departures
only at International Departures
outside the entrance

7 Queue up
waiting for your turn
going to the airport
to jump a queue

8 Take off
the plane lands
the plane stops
the plane leaves

9 Your luggage may weigh up to ______ altogether
25 KGs
18 KGs
20 KGs

10 In the baggage claim area you can
collect your luggage
go through customs
take a shuttle

11 At the check-in desk the Stewardess checks
your ticket and passport
your boarding card
your seatbelt

12 The Stewardess asks you if you left your luggage unattended
to check its weight
for security reasons
to make sure the bag is yours

13 The Stewardess asks to put your electrical equipment
under your seat
in your suitcase
in your hand luggage

14 Then the Stewardess returns
your ticket and boarding card
your landing card
your seat number

15 The Stewardess informs you about
boarding time
landing time
departure time

16 Personal Identification

17 You can put your _________ on the scales
hand luggage

18 Electrical equipment

19 By the window
in front of the window
opposite the window
next to the window

20 Boarding time is at

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