di Antonio Portaluri e Raffaele Nardella

Test Modulo 3 - Units 5 - 6

Test sulle UnitÓ 5 e 6 del Modulo 3 del Corso.


Clicca sulle risposte corrette e poi su "Invia".


E' necessario rispondere a tutti i quesiti e inserire il proprio nome nel box presente in fondo alla pagina.

Una volta cliccato "Invia" si aprirÓ un riquadro con il risultato; dopo aver cliccato "OK" si aprirÓ una finestra di popup con le indicazioni del nome, del risultato e delle eventuali risposte sbagliate.


Attenzione! Hai 40 minuti di tempo per svolgere il test.

1 If you go out to dinner in Britain,
you will certainly notice that no restaurant serves exotic food
you will certainly notice that most restaurants serve exotic food
you will certainly notice that only a few restaurants serve exotic food

2 In Britain there are
a lot of good quality English restaurants
few good quality English restaurants
no good quality English restaurants

3 bear in mind
make up your mind

4 main course
rice or pasta dishes
meat or fish with vegetables
dessert or pudding

5 rare 
when a steak is cooked just a little
when a steak is well cooked
when a steak is raw

6 soup
main course

7 Yorkshire pudding
a baked and sweet pastry
a baked unsweetened pastry
a sauce made with meat juices and seasoning

8 gravy
a kind of paste
a kind of pudding
a kind of sauce

9 pie
a sauce made with meat juices and seasoning
meat or fish with vegetables
meat, fish, fruit or other food baked inside or under a crust of pastry

10 sauces can be
medium or well done
hot and spicy
rare or underdone

11 When you pay the bill you often leave a tip, which is usually

12 When you pay the bill you leave a tip
if service is not included
if service is included
in any case

13 The restaurant or lounge (in pubs) often has two separate areas:
an adult and minor area
a men and women area
a smoking and non smoking area

14 A friend - Hello, Catherine? Catherine - Yes, it's me.
Catherine is introducing herself
Catherine is confirming her identity
Catherine is introducing a friend

15 half an hour ago
15 minutes ago
30 minutes ago
60 minutes ago

16 There were no delays and the plane landed on time.
The plane arrived at the expected time.
The flight was half an hour late
The arrival time was delayed

17 A friend - Do you like Indian food? Catherine - Well, I don't know... I've never tried it.
Catherine doesn't like Indian food
Catherine doesn't want to have Indian food
Catherine has never tasted Indian food

18 Catherine - The only problem is I am a vegetarian. A friend - Oh. Don't worry about that.
He is thinking about that.
He is worried about that.
He is not worried about that.

19 brilliant

20 A friend - I'll meet you downstairs
He'll meet her on the upper floor
He'll meet her on the ground floor
He'll meet her on first floor


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