di Antonio Portaluri e Raffaele Nardella

Test Modulo 4 - Units 7 - 8

Test sulle UnitÓ 7 e 8 del Modulo 4 del Corso.


Clicca sulle risposte corrette e poi su "Invia".


E' necessario rispondere a tutti i quesiti e inserire il proprio nome nel box presente in fondo alla pagina.

Una volta cliccato "Invia" si aprirÓ un riquadro con il risultato; dopo aver cliccato "OK" si aprirÓ una finestra di popup con le indicazioni del nome, del risultato e delle eventuali risposte sbagliate.


Attenzione! Hai 40 minuti di tempo per svolgere il test.

1 To do a bit of sightseeing means
to hire a car.
to visit museums or art galleries.
to make a reservation.

2 Sights are
art galleries

3 Double-deckers are
tourist guides

4 If you choose to visit the place alone you need
a shopping list.
a map of the town.
a tourist guide.

5 You can buy stamps at
the market
the information office.
the post office

6 Beware of pickpockets means
you may get lost.
someone may steal something from you.
you may be checked.

7 If you lose your personal belongings, first you have to go to the
Italian Consulate
police station
Lost and Found Office

8 A tourist information officer may give you leaflets
for nightlife events.
for security reasons.
for your safety.

9 Bring plenty of films for your camera means
watch TV in your hotel room
carry extra films with you for your camera
watch video cassettes in your room

10 You will take lots of photos, so
you can show your friends you enjoyed yourself there
you can have a great time with your friends
you can meet your friends there

11 How many students are going to start the tour of the castle?

12 May I see your student cards?
he wants to see their tickets
he wants to make sure they are students
he wants to make sure they have a membership card

13 How much is a ticket for one student?
two pounds
four pounds
seven pounds

14 There are guided tours of the castle every forty five minutes
you can have a tour of the castle with a guide every 45 minutes
the tours last 45 minutes
the next tour of the castle is in 45 minutes

15 What time does the castle close?
a quarter past five
a quarter to five
half past five

16 Where does the tour start?
on the right of the ticket office
at the souvenir shop
opposite the souvenir shop

17 Follow the signs to the blue room
find information in the blue room
get to the blue room following the directions
read the signs following the blue room

18 Illustrated guidebooks and maps are necessary for
touring the castle alone
admiring the Rembrandt or Lord Saville’s portrait
touring the castle with a guide

19 Wait! You have left your student cards behind
the students are going away with their cards
the students are going away without their cards
the students must leave their cards behind

20 How many pounds did the tourist give to the assistant?


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