Past Perfect

Completa le frasi con il Past Perfect del verbo tra parentesi. Poi clicca "Controlla" per verificare l'esattezza delle tue risposte. Usa il pulsante "Suggerimento" per aggiungere una lettera alla tua risposta. Attenzione! Se chiedi suggerimenti il tuo punteggio diminuirà.
Matthew thought he money on the bus. (to lose)

Ann felt better after she her medicine. (to take)

Wellyn his shower when the phone rang. (to start)

She arrived at the station after her train . (to leave)

They in Paris for five years. (to study)

Mark a policeman before he was a teacher. (to be)

We breakfast at 6 o'clock. (to have)

I started breathing after I the windows. (to open)