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Corso di Inglese Lower Intermediate

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Unit 4 - Peter's Christmas Experience

Christmas Tree

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. We start decorating the house at the beginning of December. We have a very big Christmas tree in the living room and the house is full of many multi coloured lights, even on the gate near our garage.


Last year, Christmas was even better because it snowed for the first time in 5 years, so we spent the whole day outside playing in the snow. I hope it will snow this year, but if it doesn’t we will go abroad and have a short Christmas vacation.


Five years ago we celebrated Christmas in New York, it was very enjoyable and definitely memorable. We prepare a very big Christmas dinner which usually varies from year to year, but a classic dish with turkey is always cooked. During dinner we like to sing Christmas Carols; my mother Mary is an excellent singer but my father John is really terrible.


This year my cousins from America are visiting us for the first time, so I’m very excited because I’ve never met them before.It is always difficult and very expensive to find gifts during Christmas, I haven't even decided what to buy yet. This year I hope to receive a new computer, my old one has recently been giving me many problems. I love buying gifts because I like seeing the expression on people's faces when they open their gifts. It is very satisfying and gratifying.

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