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Corso di Inglese Lower Intermediate

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Unit 7 - A Sightseeing Holiday In The City


New York

Many people go on sightseeing tours of  towns all over the world. In London it is common to have a tour of the city, while on a Double Decker bus. If on the other hand you prefer walking you can buy a guidebook and a map and explore the city on foot. While on your tour don't forget to take pictures of all the monuments and interesting places you visit.


Every city is different and has its own distinct character. New York is very cosmopolitan, while St Petersburg has many historic monuments. Miami is always worth visiting because it is a very lively place during the day and the nightlife is stunning.


Many beautiful cities have become very touristy and at times are too packed to visit, especially during peak periods of summer. Rome is well known for its beautiful monuments. It has many statues and cathedrals that all exude Roman design. There are also many art galleries, museums and theatres.


If you want to have a romantic holiday you must visit Venice . It is very unique because it is the only city in the world built over water. Remember not to get lost in big cities and if you do get lost always try and ask someone for directions on how to get to the closest tourist office.

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