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Corso di Inglese Lower Intermediate

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Unit 8 - Express your Feelings



Emotions and feelings are complex human traits. Each one of us expresses our feelings in many different ways. Pride can be a very positive feeling, but at times your pride can get you into a lot of trouble. You can also be proud of many achievements or people in your life.


Jealousy is a negative feeling that produces at times anger and unhappiness. For example ' John gets very jealous when his girlfriend talks to other boys.'  Feeling upset is another negative feeling which can be caused by an unlimited number of factors. It is important that this emotion does not become a long-term condition, as this may lead to depression.


Love is a beautiful human emotion. Many people fall deeply in love with their spouse and at times words can’t express their feelings for them. Fear is another common feeling. We often are afraid or scared of many things that may happen in our lives, but it is said that the bravest of people fear nothing.


When we achieve goals in our lives, this gives us a great feeling of satisfaction. However, we often have mixed feelings for certain people we meet or other common situations that may happen. For example ' I had mixed feelings for her' or ' Jane had mixed feelings about her new job.'

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