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Corso di Inglese Lower Intermediate

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Unit 5 - Where do you live?


Wellington Park

Paul: Hi Adam, I haven't seen you in so long, how are you?


Adam: Hey Paul, I’m well thanks, it has been a while, hasn't it. It is because I don't live in the centre of London anymore, I now live on the outskirts.


Paul: Really, when did you move and where exactly?


Adam: I left a couple of months ago, I'd had enough of the fast track city life. I live in a small suburb called Wellington, it's about a 40 minute trip from London. I really like it because it is very green and the air is fresh there too.


Paul: Yeah I know, there is quite a lot of smog and noise in the centre of London. Are you living in a block of flats?


Adam: Yes, I live on the ground floor, there are two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a huge lounge. It’s quite a small block, there are only three floors.


Paul: Do you have a balcony?


Adam: Yes, but the balcony is tiny, although it is big enough to fit all of my girlfriend’s pot plants.


Paul :HAHA, how about a front garden?


Adam: Yes there is a front garden but it's communal, maybe if I manage to get a raise at work we will move into a house one day  with a garden and a garage. But for the moment my girlfriend and me are happy where we are.


Paul: Ahh that’s good, how do you get to work everyday though?


Adam: Well, I live close to the train station so I take the train everyday to get to London.


Paul: Adam it's good to see you again, take care my friend and see you soon.


Adam: Bye Paul, keep well .


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