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Corso di Inglese Lower Intermediate

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Unit 3 - Entertainment and Hobbies


People are all different. Everyone has their own interests and hobbies. Imagine how boring the world would be if we were all the same.


John is a sales representative for Adidas. He has worked there for five years. In his spare time John likes to water ski in summer and snow board during the winter. He generally prefers listening to music rather than watching TV.


On Friday evenings he always meets up with his friends to have snacks and drinks at an Irish Pub. Saturday and Sunday are usually fun filled days for John. He usually tries to organize either a hike up the mountain or a picnic at the seaside.


Amy works for a computer software company. She on the other hand is not a very outgoing person. She is a bit of a couch potato actually. She prefers the indoors to the outdoors. She likes both music and movies and often invites her friends over to her house for Friday night movie sessions.


Amy enjoys poetry and often spends her weekends reading and cooking at home. She loves cooking and especially enjoys the diversity found in Mediterranean cuisine.



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- Reading Comprehension

- Vocabulary Check




- Present Perfect: formazione (apre una nuova finestra)

- Present Perfect: uso (apre una nuova finestra)

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