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Corso di Inglese Lower Intermediate

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Unit 9 - Everyday Problems



In our lives we come across many common everyday problems.

At times electrical devices can stop working, for many reasons.


The telephone line can sometimes be cut off due to bad weather and be out of order for a while.


Electrical items stop working properly and often need to be taken to be serviced. You might not be able to connect to the internet forcing you to phone your service provider and ask for assistance. Light bulbs can blow and must be changed.


When cooking in the kitchen it is easy to spill sauce or wine onto your clothes which if not immediately removed can cause large stains. You can easily cut or burn yourself while cooking in the kitchen so always take great care.


Often you run out of bread as well as other ingredients and have to rush off to the shops. Take care and don't slip when walking up a flight of stairs especially if your shoes are wet from a rainy day.



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