World Cup Sweepstake

Fifa World Cup
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World Cup Sweepstake

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Football isn't everybody's cup of tea, but it's difficult to ignore the World Cup. Even people who aren't interested in sport hope their country will do well, or at least not make fools of themselves. The England team are usually optimistic but rarely manage to pass the group stages. Italy on the other hand often start badly but then surprise everyone and win.

To help us all get into the spirit of the World Cup, at work someone is organising a “sweepstake”. The idea is simple - the names of all the countries taking part are put in a hat and everyone pays a pound to play. You pick a country from the hat, and if that country wins the World Cup, you win all the money. There are thirty-two countries taking part, so the jackpot is £32! I know, it's not a lot of money, it's just for fun. As an added incentive, in our office the person who picks the team which scores the most goals wins a bottle of bubbly. But there is also a forfeit - the person who picks the team which goes home first has to cook a traditional dish from that country and bring it in to work for everyone to eat for lunch. So while my colleagues who picked Brazil, Argentina, Italy, and Germany are all hoping to win the money, or at least the bubbly, I picked Ghana and Algeria – not the bookies' favourites.

But I found some great recipes on the internet! Couscous, peanuts, beans, spicy chicken, and fried bananas. I prefer the kitchen to the football pitch anyway. But it was a surprise when Spain went out – now I am looking forward to eating paella for lunch at work! So who cares that we didn't pass the group stages? At least we won't have the shame of eating a traditional English meal.


added = aggiunto
bookies = allibratore (informale)
bubbly = vino bianco friazzante (informale)
dish = piatto
even = perfino
football pitch = campo di calcio
forfeit = clausola penale
fried = fritte
get into the spirit = entrare nello spirito
group stages = fasi a gironi
isn't everybody's cup of tea = non piace a tutti (modo di dire)
just for fun = tanto per divertirsi
looking forward to = non vedere l’ora
make fools of themselves = fare una brutta figura
manage = riuscire
on the other hand = d'altra parte
peanuts = arachidi
pick = scegliere
score = segnare
shame = vergogna
spicy = piccante
taking part = partecipare
team = squadra
who cares? = chi se ne importa?
World Cup = Coppa del Mondo
win = vincere