Future Simple

Completa le frasi con il Future Simple del verbo tra parentesi. Poi clicca "Controlla" per verificare l'esattezza delle tue risposte. Usa il pulsante "Suggerimento" per aggiungere una lettera alla tua risposta. Attenzione! Se chiedi suggerimenti il tuo punteggio diminuirà.
It's cold. I the window. (to close)

After Richard and Ally get married they to their new flat. (to move)

I don't think you comfortable here. (to be)

We are sure you to visit us. (to come)

You some trouble, if you keep behaving badly. (to have)

I hope you a lot of money this year. (to make)

I know she the right thing. (to do)

Don't worry. I you up at the airport. (to pick)