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Unit 10 - Newcastle


Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, often shortened to Newcastle, is a historic city in north-east England on the river Tyne.  It was founded by the Romans but owes its name to the castle built there in 1080 A.D. after the Norman conquest.
The city was an important centre for the wool trade, coal mining, and as a port and shipyard.  Today these industries have gone and Newcastle is a cultural and business centre.
Newcastle is renowned for its nightlife - in fact popular guidebook The Rough Guide to Britain lists it as the country's number 1 tourist attraction! The city centre, Quayside and Bigg Market areas of the city host a diverse range of pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs. Unsurprisingly it is a favourite destination for stag and hen parties. 
A principle attraction in Newcastle is the Baltic Gallery which hosts free exhibitions of contemporary art. The gallery is situated on the banks of the Tyne in an impressive industrial building which used to be a flour mill.
Not far from Newcastleat Gateshead, stands the huge and much-loved Angel of the North, an iconic sculpture by Anthony Gormley of a steel angel with aeroplane-like wings. In 1998 the Angel was the centre of controversy when fans of Newcastle football team decorated the statue with an enormous football shirt.


- Comprehension (True/False)
- Vocabulary Check (Matching)


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