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Unit 2 - London Transport


Getting around London is no problem: there are lots of different ways to travel. Black taxis known as Hackney cabs are always available, but the fares can be expensive. A much cheaper option is the iconic red double-decker bus, you can hop on and off where you like and a ticket costs just £1, but if the traffic is heavy it can take a long time to get where you're going. There is also a tram, but the network is not extensive.
The most efficient way to travel in London is on the underground railway, or "tube" as it's called. There are tube stations scattered all over London, and you can buy a Travelcard which you can use all day for as many journeys as you like. You'll need a map of the lines as it can be a bit confusing, and the tube can get really crowded at rush-hour.
If you prefer a more relaxed option, you can take the riverboat and see London from the water. Many places of interest can be reached along the Thames, including the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, Shakespeare's Globe theatre and the Tate Modern art gallery. You can also book dinner cruises, or specialist guided cruises like the "Hollywood on Thames" tour of TV and film locations along the river, or for those with more macabre interests, the "River Thames Murder Tour".


- Comprehension (True/False)
- Vocabulary Check (Matching)


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