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Unit 8 - Liverpool


In the north-west of England, on the river Mersey estuary, close to the Welsh border, lies the city of Liverpool.
Founded in 1207 by King John, Liverpool became an important and wealthy port during the 18th century due to the Atlantic slave trade. Due to its importance as a port, the city was heavily bombed in the blitz during the Second World War, and there has been extensive re-development.
People from Liverpool are called Liverpudlians, or Scousers in reference to the local dish "scouse", a kind of stew. In the 1960s Liverpool became famous as the home of The Beatles and the Liverpool Poets.
Today Liverpool has more art galleries and museums than any other UK city apart from London, and in 2008 was named a European Capital of Culture. Liverpool hosts several popular music festivals each year. Other tourist attractions include the Waterfront and the Cavern Club where the Beatles used to play.
The thousands of sailors and migrants passing through Liverpool have created a very diverse city which includes the oldest black community in Britain and the oldest Chinese community in Europe. The city is also famous for having two cathedrals - one Catholic and one Protestant, and one of the earliest mosques in Britain, founded in 1887.


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