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Unit 4 - Wales


Wales is a country that is part of the United Kingdom, bordered by England to the east and the Irish Sea and Atlantic Ocean to the west. Wales is officially a bilingual country: Welsh is spoken by around a fifth of the population and most signs are written in both English and Welsh.
Cardiff is the biggest city in Wales and the seat of government, the National Assembly for Wales. Cardiff is the most popular tourist destination in Wales, boasting such sights as Cardiff Castle and the National History Museum which is a large open-air museum housing dozens of historical buildings which have been moved to the site.
In the northwest of the country is the wild and mountainous Snowdonia National Park: it's the perfect place for hiking and climbing, or for watersports along the coast. If you prefer a more leisurely option but don't want to miss out on the spectacular views, the Snowdon Mountain Railway runs right to the summit!
Wales is sometimes called "The land of castles" because of its large number of ancient fortifications. There are over four hundred castles in Wales, some of the most famous include Harlech Castle, Caernarfon Castle where Prince Charles was inaugurated in 1969, and Conwy Castle.
For culture-vultures, the Eisteddfod is the national festival of poetry and music, held in a different town each year.
Wales is well-known for sheep-farming and roast lamb and lamb stew are popular dishes. Other local specialities include laverbread, a type of edible seaweed, bara brith, a bread containing dried fruit, and many types of seafood. The leek is the symbol of Wales and is delicious in cheese and leek flan.


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