Common tales in Italian, Swedish and British Ballads: a comparison


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1. The concealed death     2. The return of the dying son     3. Edward/Sven I Rosengard     4. How an old Viking saga  

5. Brun the Robber/L'inglesina/Lady Isabel and the Elf-Knight     6. De Tv Systrarna / The Cruel Sister     Interactive Exercises


Interactive Exercises

Lord Randal - Video

L'Avvelenato - Video

Lord Randal & L'Avvelenato

Kung Olaf & Lord Randal - Video

Hind Horn & L'Moru Sarasin

Hind Horn & L'Moru Sarasin - Content

Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight - Lexis

Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight & L'Inglesina

Re Gilardin & Clerk Colvill

The Cruel Sister

The Cruel Sister - Video

L'Uccello Grifone

The Cruel Sister & L'Uccello Grifone